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Binkley Associatesí clientele includes small to medium sized public and private water utilities, cities, counties, special districts, developers, contractors, real estate agents, and property owners. Most of our projects are located in Northern California including the coastal areas, the Santa Cruz Mountains, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Valley, and the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We offer a full range of engineering services including studies, reports, consultations, systems modeling, calculations, cost estimation, design, preparation of plans, specifications and bid documents, and construction inspection. We have experience in both mountainous and flat regions, and in seismically active zones. Our engineering expertise is primarily in the following areas:

Water Supply and Treatment [Return to Top]

Clarification Basin Retrofit with Tube SettlersWe offer a full spectrum of engineering services for:

-Surface water and groundwater supply sources
-Water well development, testing, and permitting
-Filtration systems and disinfection


Water Pumping, Distribution, and Storage [Return to Top]

Pump StationWe also provide a full spectrum of engineering services for:

-Water intake and booster pump stations
-Well pumps
-Distribution systems in any terrain including multiple pressure zones
-Reclaimed or recycled water systems
-Above and below ground storage tanks and reservoirs


Recreation and Landscape Facilities [Return to Top]

Roof of pump house

We provide hydraulic design (for example: pipes, pumps, basins, reservoirs, tanks, overflows, weirs, orifices) and consulting services for:

-Water Parks and Slides

-Snowmaking for Ski Resorts

-Landscape Streams, Ponds, and Waterfalls


Greywater and Rain Catchment Systems [Return to Top]

Sink Drain

Going Green? We offer design services for permitted greywater systems and rainwater harvesting (catchment) systems. We can prepare design plans in accordance with local and state building codes, and also assist with permitting and oversee construction.





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